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Commercial transport that suits your needs

When you run a business, you can have many different needs. It is crucial for the company to cover all the needs that one may have. Many companies have one or more needs regarding commercial transport. It may be that you have to get some things out for a customer and sometimes it may also be a matter of urgency. When faced with a challenge of this type, it is incredibly important that you use a company that can deliver the service that you are in need of. We can offer companies exactly the service they need. It is therefore a tailor made solution, which has so far benefited many companies.

The experience of good service is decisive to our current customers, and as a new customer, you can therefore also be completely confident working with us. It will be ensured that the transport will arrive safely to the destination and that all the goods will arrive exactly in the state that is wished for. As a customer, it is possible for to offer you a solution to a wide range of tasks in the ​​transport area, since Transport24 is an incredibly versatile transport company.

Below you can read more about some of the special commercial transport solutions we can do for you.


Daily fruit and green driving ensures fresh goods

As a business man, it is crucial to make sure that you offer good quality products to your customers. This also applies to restaurants, cafes and canteens where the food has to be fresh and of good quality. While some items can be preserved for a long time, it is always important to have fresh goods. Especially fruit and vegetables should always be fresh; as bad and old vegetables can be tasted in a dish.

We can offer fruit and green driving to your store every day so that you always have good raw goods in the store. For cafes offering freshly squeezed juices and delicious salads it is especially important that the products are always well-kept and fresh. While some fruit can keep ripe and ready for several days, others quickly become too old and bad. Therefore, new supplies may be necessary every morning for the store to always deliver fresh smoothies to the customers.

The goods are packed with care and the boxes are delivered right to your store so they are ready to be sold immediately. This also means that you have to throw out fewer pieces of fruit. With fruit and green driving, you can handpick the products you need which means that the food do not get wasted or get too old. That way, you are guaranteed to get top marks from the food control and can certainly offer your customers the best of the best.


Safe flower driving with professional handling

If you own a flower company, you’re definitely looking for someone who can distribute these flowers and make deliveries. If you are not able to do this yourself, you need help in the form of flower driving, which is where we can solve the task. All kinds of flower supplies are, of course, something we can handle and do with great accuracy and urgency. Flower driving is a necessity for everyone who owns a flower shop. In this way, your customers do not always have to come to you – you can now have the flowers delivered to them. This is really something that starts sales, but for this to happen you need a distributor of flowers, which you know you can count on.

You will not need to worry if your flowers are now delivered and if they are in good condition when they arrive. We are aware of the differences between the different types of items to be delivered and therefore also that flowers are handled with extreme care and gentleness, and will therefore ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.


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