Transport24 står klar med kurerkørsel for din virksomhed

Courier driving makes the workflow of your business easier

Do you sometimes need to have your goods or important papers delivered with a courier service? In this case, it may be a good idea to get a reliable company to handle this. A company you can trust, when wanting to have things delivered on time.

At Transport24 we feel that we meet all the requirements that you may have for your next courier company. We have a large fleet, which allows us to quickly find a car that is near your company’s address. We also have many drivers, which means that we can serve as a courier both day and night. No matter when you need to get something picked up or delivered, we can fit a carriage ride on our routes.

In addition, we have many years of experience in the transportation industry, which means that we know what our customers want. And we understand to keep up with time. We know what it’s like to be a modern company. That’s why we both run a modern business and help others drive one.


Courier transport routes both in Denmark and abroad

Since tasks may vary, we have chosen to offer very flexible courier transport. We carry out the work with high quality as we have a large fleet, which is a prerequisite for delivering quickly to the package’s destination. This is because courier driving is mostly associated with small packages and shipments.

We drive for a variety of different companies and with a wide variety of goods. These include clinical products, spare parts and package delivery. Some things need to be delivered very quickly, while other things can easily withstand a cheaper freight, which takes a significantly longer time. Whatever your needs, you can always count on Transport24.

If you need a fast delivery you probably will not find a faster service than at Transport24. At the same time Transport24 offers a guarantee that the goods will be properly processed and arrive at the destination in exactly the condition as it should be. You get a great deal of money by using courier transport, as efficiency is high and we have all the necessary resources needed to get your delivery as fast as possible.


Courier Zealand – Flexible and fast delivery in Zealand

Among other things, we have a large number of couriers in Zealand, but also travel to the rest of Denmark and abroad. We can therefore easily arrange to have your goods, packages or documents delivered wherever they have to go. If you need to get something picked up or delivered to Zealand with couriers, you can easily do it with us.


Courier Copenhagen – We know the city like the back of our hand

When you need goods or papers quickly delivered in Copenhagen, it is important to choose a courier that knows the city very well. There are many unidirectional roads, roads that are closed due to buildings, and crossings where you often might wait a long time to cross. It is therefore crucial finding a courier company that knows the city, and exactly that we do in Transport24.

We have many trips every day in Copenhagen. This means that our drivers know the streets of our capital very well, even though the streets are changing continuously. When you need to get something delivered or brought, it may sometimes be that minutes are crucial. Therefore, it is important that your courier in Copenhagen does not end up driving a huge detour. With Transport24 you will not have to worry about this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today, and we will find a perfect solution together. We are ready to receive your order every hour of the day.


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