PICK AND PACK - FROM 9 KR. - Transport 24 - Specialister inden for fast kørsel, logistik, lagerhotel og distributionskørsel

Get your goods stored, picked and packed from 9 kr. per pick at Lagerhotel24. Please also inquire about the special good prices we have with the various package suppliers. When you consider your savings on storage, warehousing and shipments, then a pick and pack solution from us could be one of the best financial decisions you could make for your business.


Same day delivery

Offer your customers that they can order items in your webshop till 3 pm and have it delivered the same day in Copenhagen in the postal codes 1000 – 2990, as well as 3450, 3460, 3500, 3520, 4000, 4600, 4681. Particularly advantageous prices are especially for existing webshops with a minimum of 60 shipments per month. It is also on this point that it becomes economically sensible for webshops to outsource to a pick and pack center.


A complete pick and pack solution – full integration with your system

Lagerhotel24 thus offers a full Pick and Pack solution. Your goods will be in our warehouse and we will ship the goods when the customer orders them. You can focus on selling your goods and we make sure the goods you sell are sent directly to your customers. In addition, we ensure that all goods are registered in your system or your webshop. We will have full integration with your system.


Save money and time

We pack late night. Our last pickup is at 9pm so you can get most orders off the same day and be delivered to the customer the next day. It will give you a huge competitive advantage over your customers.

The cost of having your inventory with us and letting our stockists arrange the packing and shipment is quickly earned. Partly because you save time and money on storing your goods and sending them, but also because you often get a cheaper shipping price with us, as we have special prices from the parcel companies.


We cooperate with parcel companies

Our post office located in the industrial district of Glostrup, manages the collection of goods with GLS, DAO, Bring, Burd and Postnord. Our post office is open Mon-Thurs 9-18 and Fri 9-16. Sat-Sun closed. Outside opening hours by arrangement. So if you have customers who would rather pick up the packages from our post office, instead of having them delivered home, this is also possible.

In addition, we can also offer a better freight price once a year than the one you would normally be able to get as a single retailer, because we negotiate directly with parcel companies about quantity discounts. In some cases, we can get a discount up to 30%.


Packaging your goods

Your packages will be packed directly into the packaging you want. You can thus have your own packaging that you need, or we can offer some packaging that is used for your goods. We can also provide product labels such as promotional labels that must be put on the individual product for campaigns. All repackaged items are repackaged for new packaging.

Lagerhotel24 can also repackage your pallets to exactly the format that suits your business. If wooden pallets are to be repacked into plastic pallets, EUR pallets packed for single pallets or full pallets are packed into half pallets, then leave it to us.


All-in-one solution – Pick and pack, packaging and distribution

The advantage of your picking and packing of goods also being the transport, is a greater security and simpler administration. We pack late night. Our last pickup is at 9 pm so you can get most orders off the same day and the customer can have his package the next day. If your customer is in Copenhagen and the surrounding area and they order before 16 o’clock, the customer can receive his package already the same day.

Submission and delivery are done according to your needs, from the warehouse at Naverland 1C in Glostrup. If the delivery must take place at the company’s address, this can also be done, as Transport 24 has over 50 vans available, including lift trucks. In the case of small shipments, Transport has 24 advantageous cooperation agreements with some of Denmark’s leading package delivery companies.


Read more at https://lagerhotel24.dk/ for more info about a complete pick and pack solution.


Service hours

We are at your service when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For further information contact us on 70 26 00 03 or send an e-mail to: info@transport24.dk

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