Transport24 tilbyder professionel distributionskørsel

Company with experience in distribution

Goods received at night usually have to be at the bakeries, florists, workshops and so on, in the morning, so that they are ready for consumers or employees in the morning.

We can either receive the goods at our warehouse in Glostrup, south of Copenhagen, or we can drive out and pick up the goods.

Then we arrange for the distribution of the various products right down to whether Mrs. Jensen in Klampenborg should have her flowers on the terrace on Tuesday or in the garden on Fridays.

Transport24 performs the distribution tasks so that the cars run directly to the place where the goods are to be delivered.

If you need a fast distribution drive, where your goods are taken good care of, Transport24 is definitely a good choice.

At Transport24 you are offered professional distribution services, that experienced drivers with a focus on customer service perform the task. We have many years of experience in solving logistics tasks and this is reflected in high customer satisfaction. There is a focus on quality, reliability and customer service, and therefore one can be absolutely sure of the offer that one gets.


Distribution driving at a good price

When you have to have some tasks completed, which include transportation, you must be very careful about the choice of the company to take care of the task. At Transport24, emphasis is placed on a good dialogue with customers, thus always finding the best solution.

Customers’ needs can be very individual, so it is important that you find a tailor made solution with all parties in order to have everyone fully satisfied. This is definitely the best way to do things.

As a customer, one can look forward to getting a very good service at a reasonable price. The price is not expensive, which is an important factor that gives customers a high level of satisfaction.


Contact us today if you need to move any goods, and we can have a dialogue about the possibilities of distribution driving.


Why choose us?

Transport24 is your business partner when it comes to transportation. We are always open to dialogue and therefore can always offer a tailor made solution to meet your driving needs.


Service times

We are at your service when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For further information contact us on 70 26 00 03 or send an e-mail to:


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