Trade conditions and general terms - Transport 24 - Specialister inden for fast kørsel, logistik, lagerhotel og distributionskørsel

The following conditions apply from 1st of January 2018.


  1. Method of Procedure:

By using Transport 24’s services, the sender hereby designates Transport 24 to freely choose which route, carrier, procedure and subcontractor Transport 24 may find best. As well as accepting our general terms and conditions.
Packaging: The sender must complete the wrapping in a closed, robust packaging that meets the requirements that the content and transportation make. If the sender fails this, the shipment will be at the sender’s risk.
Obligations of consignors: The sender is responsible for all information specified on the consignment note, and that the specification of the shipping item in particular is correct. In addition, complete recipient information must be provided (name, address, postal code, city, country and telephone number). It cannot be delivered to a mailbox.
Billing: Billing is done on a weekly basis, with 14 days net.


  1. Billing / Reward Procedure:

2.1. The invoice is issued. 2.2. If the payment does not occur, a payment reminder is send 15 days after. 2.3. After a further 8 days, Rykkerfaktura 1 will be issued with a surcharge of DKK 100.00. 2.4. After a further 8 days, a second invoice reminder will be issued with a revocation fee of DKK 100.00, plus interest rates. The interest rate is 1.2% per. commenced month. In connection with this move, a RKI notification is also issued.  2.5. After a further 10 days, reporting to RKI will be done. 2.6. Only companies approved by Transport24 can receive credit. Private customers cannot obtain credit, cash payment is not received. 2.7. Oil surcharge will be charged, which varies depending on fuel prices. 2.8. By sending the payment order, Transport 24 also closes for the account – so driving cannot be done.


  1. Complaints: Billing claims must be made within 15 days from the invoice date.


  1. Customs and Documentation: It is the duty of the sender to provide the required documentation and customs papers and that they are adequate for countries outside the EU.


  1. Investigation Right: The sender accepts that Transport 24 or any public authority, including customs authorities, is entitled at all times to investigate shipments that are left in Transport 24’s custody.


  1. Loss and Damage: Transportation 24 is liable for loss and material damage to shipments except in the event of errors attributable to sender or consignee, force majeure, inherent defects in the transported item or insufficient packaging, whereby Transport 24 is released from any responsibility. All our wagons are freight insured. Transport24’s responsibility begins when the package is transferred for transportation. Our responsibility ends when the package is handed to the recipient, with a receipt, at the recipient address indicated by the sender. Shipments are delivered to the recipient’s address, but not necessarily to a named person. At addresses where there is a central reception center, this is usually provided. Liability for loss or damage does not occur if the loss or damage is caused by the sender / receiver’s failure, such as insufficient packaging, incorrect or incomplete address or relationship beyond Transport24’s control that Transport24 could not avoid and whose consequences could not be avoided. Compensation Size and Calculation Our liability for loss or damage is, regardless of how it occurs and for any shipment, limited to US $ 5,000. The compensation is always calculated on the basis of the net value of the shipment, ie. shipping cost without profit and VAT. In case of damage, Transport24 may require the goods to be repaired and the compensation is then calculated on the basis of the repair cost: Antique value, cash / currency, wine, spirits, tobacco, additional cost of purchase of new product, including currency fluctuation or other indirect damages are not replaced. Complaints must be made in writing at the reception and no later than eight days after the date of shipment.


  1. What is Transport24 not responsible for? 10.1. Consequential damages. Transport24 is not liable for consequential damages, whether arising during the term of the contract or any form of civil action, including negligence, even if Transport24 is implicated in the injury process. There may be consequential damages or special damages or losses; other indirect losses; breach of other contracts. Losses or losses include, but are not limited to, lost income, profits, interest rates, markets and loss of use. 10.2. Delayed Shipping. Transport24 does its utmost to ensure that shipment is delivered according to our usual delivery times. But it is not guaranteed and it is not part of the business conditions. Transport24 is not liable for delays. 10.3. Circumstances beyond our control. Transport24 is not liable if a shipment is lost, damaged or erased due to circumstances beyond our control. These include but are not limited to: Force majeure. Defects or characteristics considering shipping nature, although we were familiar with them when we accepted the shipment. Actions or omissions made by persons outside Transport24. For example: sender of the shipment; receiver; an interested third party. Transport24 is not liable for electrical or magnetic damage to, or deletion of, electronic or photographic images or recordings. As well as damage to glass.


  1. Supplementary insurance: Additional insurance can be made on special valuable transports. This supplementary insurance will cover up to kr. 300,000, -. Supplementary insurance is taken out at the time of ordering and is only covered when you have received a confirmation by fax or e-mail. The same limits apply for compensation and liability.


  1. Transport 24 may charge on delivery, but Transport 24 is NOT liable for the beneficiary’s non-payment, in case of lack of notice or if it is not clearly stated in the order. Transport 24 can only be charged if payment is made by check issued to sender or even cash. Transport 24 is not liable for lack of coverage on checks.


  1. Security statement: It is also a prerequisite that the sender has signed a Security Statement.