TRANSPORTATION FOR BUSINESSES - Transport 24 - Specialister inden for fast kørsel, logistik, lagerhotel og distributionskørsel

Specialists in business transport

Our employees are specialists in business transport and can prepare roadmaps and distribution plans that solve all your transportation, logistics, storage and distribution issues without you even having to think about it. We have many years of experience to draw on, and this is reflected in, among other things, the high satisfaction from the customers.

There are many factors that play a role in the ability to deliver fast delivery. One prerequisite is that you have a large fleet available. That is exactly what we have, and that means we can provide guarantees for the customers in relation to a quick and smooth delivery process. The whole process is handled incredibly professionally by our truly skilled drivers.

Our chauffeurs and drivers also have the certificates needed for special business transports, such as hazardous goods (ADR), GDP requirements for the transport of medicines and others.


Denmark’s leading distribution company at night

At Transport24, we are Denmark’s leading distribution company concerning goods, parcels and pallets that have to be distributed and delivered at night, so that the goods have been received by the customers in the morning.

We have cars out to drive all night so we can give Denmark the best service at night. One of the reasons we drive so much at night is to avoid the traffic. This means that your goods are faster at the customers and you also do not pay for the cars to stay out in traffic.

In addition, we also emphasize being flexible which means you can always contact us and expect that we have a car for you if you need it. We fully understand that it sometimes has to go fast in modern business. Therefore, we strive to be as flexible as possible.


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